Aiwanatech understands your mind. It contains the mother's heart to protect her children's healthy lives from the harmful environment such as ultrafine dust.

The era has come when it is hard to breathe for many reasons, such as environmental pollution and fine dust.

Our air purifier is the first in the world to check the degree of filter contamination through windows, making filter management more convenient.

Filter of luxury brand X The most cost-effectiveness air-purifier it is designed to use automobile air conditioning filters
guaranteed by luxury automobile brands. It is the best price-performance product that eliminates the dependence on a dedicated filter.

How about breathing comfortably with Mam air purifier without worrying about expensive filters?
Quality Premium motor made in Korea High-efficiency, low-noise domestic BLDC motor currently used in premium home appliances such as SAMSUNG Electronics
Motor, Key part of the Air purifier Combined with the Hurricane Euro design, it creates a powerful air current. It runs very calmly not to disturb reading or sleeping.

Hurricane Euro system absorbs contaminated air quickly and powerfully in many ways, thus makes the air clean immediately and available to you.

healthy life that our children should enjoy air purifier 'mam'
aobut aiwanatech

We are a company that develops, produces and sells air purifiers. Our company was founded in February 2019 based on 10 years' know-how of air purifier technology.
Although it is a new company, it has been recognized as a government-supported project by its technology and ideas. Production and quality are 100% guaranteed by Cinos, a Korean auto parts company acquired by US auto parts company Sigma International.
Air Purifier “Mam” As other companies have focused on generating profits through selling their products, with exclusive filters, having no option of selecting other better filters despite the growing prices of filters.

Accordingly, customers could not obtain air filters when the exclusive filters that they commonly used were discontinued.

However, Mam air purifier by AIWANATECH allows compatible use between the existing filter and the newer filter–in oarder to resolve such a structural issue and thus to give customers more benefits.

PLACE Living spaces such as children’s rooms, kitchens, living rooms, studios, and Goshiwon and all indoor activities spaces such as small offices and indoor golf courses, can be used.

Main Products


We are a company that develops, produces and sells small air purifiers. Our company was founded in February 2019 based on 10 years' know-how of air cleaner technology.


Company Introduction

Since its establishment in 2019, the company has grown with customers through differentiated R&D and thorough quality control.

Based on the R&D technology know-how accumulated over the years, we are providing high-quality products that satisfy the needs of our customers.

(Slogan and management philosophy)

AI means artificial intelligence and WANA means forest in Indonesian.

AIWANATECH delivers the freshness of the forest deep into our lives.

- Creating Value for Customers

- Respect for humanity

- Contribution to the welfare of mankind
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